Tips for your Quarter Life Crisis

If you’ve been feeling lost, full of self doubt, wondering if you’re on the right path, feeling like you’ve been left behind, or feeling like you don’t know what directions to go in…you may be experiencing a quarter life crisis.

Many of us were programmed with the idea that we are going to reach a point in our life where we’ve “made it,” we can say we’ve checked off all the goals on our list and live happily ever after. I think people going through a ‘quarter life crisis’ are realizing that isn’t the case. And this can be an extremely uncomfortable and isolating feeling at first, especially if you look around and it seems like all of your peers have it all together. It’s so easy and so common to look at another person and think, “Wow, they have it all together, what’s wrong with me?” Yet we are all constantly growing and failing and learning and evolving at our own pace. The truth is we are always growing, always figuring out what our next best step could be.

In today’s video, I talk about five ways to help you handle your quarter life crisis. As someone who went through the thick of it between 22 and 23, and still experiences some symptoms today, I’m very familiar with all of these feelings and I’ve learned to navigate through them well. Overall, I have found a place of peace and contentment with where I’m at while appreciating the journey.

Want to know what my tips are? Just click HERE!

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