Travel with me: Toronto, Ontario


There’s something about Toronto. Overall I like cities, but some of them (like NYC) can be too overwhelming and draining for me. For as big of a city as the Six is, I don’t ever get that feeling. I love walking all around the streets exploring and seeing all it has in store. It’s only 2.5 hours away from my homebase, Buffalo NY, so I try to go there as often as I can to get my travel fix since there’s always something new to try there. I usually stay in a hostel in Cabbagetown, and there’s bike renting stations everywhere to help get around the city.


On this trip in particular, I went to my first huge pride parade outside of Buffalo. And Toronto does not take Pride month lightly. Their parade is massive, passionate and full of energy. I was just returning from my two week stay in Kauai, so the contrast between the calm island and the energetic city was stark and a bit shocking at first. It was ultimately a good grounding period before heading back to Buffalo.

If you want to watch my first time experiencing Toronto pride, click here!


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