Interview with a Ghost Hunter

It was October of 2018, Halloween was approaching, and I was curious to learn more about the paranormal – especially since I was about to embark on an investigation of my own at the ex-insane asylum, now turned luxury hotel known as Hotel Henry.

Who better to talk to than Daniel Klaes, Owner of The Hinsdale House Restoration Project, and CEO of the Greater WNY Paranormal Society.


Daniel has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal field since he was a child. He was raised in a haunted house, which he talks more about in our conversation. In 2012, he co-founded the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society which has been responsible for tackling some of the most challenging paranormal cases in the New York region.

In June of 2015, Daniel realized his lifelong dream. The infamous “Hinsdale House”, a homesite of  mysterious paranormal insect infestation activity and historical structural exorcisms, which has been featured in different books and featured on national network television series, became available for purchase. Wasting no time, he made an offer that was accepted and he became it’s proud owner.

The 1853 “Hinsdale House” is currently staged in its 1970’s period dressing in order to maintain its integrity from that era when the haunting’s began. The home is currently used as a paranormal research location.

In this interview, I learned more about the paranormal, different ways to connect, and some of Daniel’s most memorable investigation stories. Watch it HERE!

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