Paranormal Investigation at Hotel Henry (Buffalo Asylum for the Insane)

Designed by prominent architect Henry Richardson, and built in 1880, this building was originally known as the Buffalo Asylum for the Insane. This historic building was the inspiration for a horror-esk video game known as Outlast. In 1986, the building was named a national historic landmark, which is the highest distinction that can be given to a property. Only 2,500 exist in the U.S., this building being just 1 of 8 in Buffalo, NY.


Careful attention was given to every detail of the buildings design, to promote a healthy and therapeutic environment, known as the Kirkbride design. At one point it’s occupancy exceeded by the thousands, until 1974 when patients were transferred to the new Buffalo Psychiatric Center, and the building slowly became abandoned.

It wasn’t until 2017 that it became known as Hotel Henry. About a third of the building is being used and modernized as a hotel. The walls are filled with art from local buffalonians, and you can experience fine dining at their farm to table restaurant 100 acres. This space can also be used for conferences or weddings.

3 friends and I decided to stay overnight and do some paranormal investigating for ourselves. We were open minded but skeptical that we’d find anything. But I truthfully haven’t felt, or seen anything like I did when I stayed overnight there. The current owners of the building want nothing to do with the, at times, graphic history of the Buffalo Asylum for the Insane, or any allegations that the building could be haunted.

If you want to go on a spooky, ghost hunting ride with me, see what we found by clicking HERE!

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