Travel with me: Kauai, Hawai’i


Ah, Kauai, Hawaii. This island truly stole a piece of my heart. This was my first solo-travel experience. I had traveled alone before, but I always at least met up with someone I knew once I arrived. Not this time! I stayed in a quaint hostel that was right off the beach, and instantly connected with people from all over the world who were doing the same thing as me. I made friends with people who were coming from Israel, Australia, Canada, Germany, and all over the States. So although I went alone, if I wanted to go hiking or go to a beach with company, I always had the option to do so.


The beauty of this island is almost indescribable. It truly feels like heaven on earth. I’ve heard of people having epiphanies and spiritual experiences while visiting the islands of Hawai’i, even if they previously did not consider themselves spiritual. Kauai, specifically, is considered the most ancient island of them all. I could feel the deep wisdom that surrounded me and felt in awe daily. There wasn’t much of a night life, much of the island is asleep by 11PM, and the best way to get around is with a car rental since there were only a handful of Uber drivers on the entire island. Going here is the absolute best way to unplug and reinvigorate.

Between the powerful energy of Kauai, and traveling there alone, I left this trip feeling connected to myself on an entirely new level than ever before. In just two weeks I discovered so much about the truth of who I am, and I feel confident now that I can manifest anything I want (like we all can). I felt so incredibly blessed to have been able to experience this at 23, and will take the connections made and lessons learned on this island with me for a lifetime. Many people asked how I was able to afford such a trip, but it ultimately came down to travel hacking, which I will be making a video about soon.

Want to experience Kauai with me? Sit back, relax, and be swept away to this beautiful island HERE.

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